Cassie Mae-author photo 2016Confession: I grew up on shows like Boy Meets World and Dawson’s Creek, obsessed with the funny, the emotional, and the romantic story lines–in equal measure. I love writing about people falling in love in humorous and unexpected ways (and try to throw in a Luke Bryan reference in when I can).

Before sitting down to write, I down a cup of something other than coffee, because I am one of maybe three writers who doesn’t drink it. I also like to sit down and stare at pictures of “inspirational men.” Did I mention Luke Bryan?

I’m most active on Facebook, but once in a blue moon I clean my house, cook, and wear pants, and so I take pictures to prove to my mom that I’m not a complete disaster. So Instagram is a great place to connect as well.

PS. I write books. I figured you knew that already from my classic back-of-the-book author pose. Unless you’re here for the porn star named Cassie, and in that case, I’m sorry you read this whole page to find out that my “not wearing pants” is just because I haven’t done laundry all week.




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