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It’s already that time when I give you the rundown of what to expect in terms of release dates in the upcoming year 🙂 This year marks year number 4 that I’ve had books out, and I just can’t believe it. Let me rewind for just a second so I can be nostalgic and all that.

I started this blog in August 2011 with one very rough draft under my belt and not a clue on how to write according to the “rules” and I can say that if it weren’t for blogging, I probably never would’ve published at all. I learned so much and met so many wonderful people, including my now best writer friends and critique group. Things can change so fast you don’t even realize that your dream is unfolding before you, and this year I’ve challenged myself to get back to that person who celebrated the crazy ride that is the writing rollercoaster. I also miss a lot of my blogging buddies and I hope to find the time to give them a visit more often this year.


Quick Note About Brand Names

Before I list the releases, I’d like to quickly explain why I have two names. Some of you know this, or some of you don’t really care and that’s fine, go ahead and scroll those mouses (mice??) right on past this 🙂

Becca Ann is the pseudonym (yes, I have to look up how to spell that every time I use it) that I’ve used in the past for my self-published works due to contract issues. However, there will be a change happening with the use of Becca Ann for my future works.

Cassie Mae (the name, not the person 😉 ) will be my Adult/New Adult brand, meaning the books I write under that name I’d recommend for 18 and up. Becca Ann will be used for all my YA works. When I write solo, you will most likely see “Cassie Mae writing as Becca Ann” but for the sake of too many words on a cover, when I collaborate, you’ll only see one or the other, depending on what the genre is.

That probably came out more confusing than I meant it to. *sigh* Branding… it’s a part of the biz.

Okay, now we’re here…


My 2016 year in books


Crazy About Love

June 14th

Random House Loveswept

This book has no blurb. It’s a Rom Com which means it’s funny and sweet and got some cute kissy scenes and a couple of steamy ones.

Flirty Thirty


Random House Loveswept

Okay, this isn’t the official blurb, so don’t quote it 😉 But here’s the gist:

Maya never expected to get kissed when she walked out in her robe and cherry-bomb underwear to get the mail. But when a shirtless god jogs down your street, grabs your face, and kisses you… you kiss that man back!

Cooper is on a mission to find the love of his life, and he’s gotten desperate. Thirty years old and with more money than he could spend in his lifetime, he’s ready to spoil and love his soul mate. After hiring the beautiful woman he kissed on the street as his realtor, he’s convinced that fate has led him to her.

But Maya doesn’t buy into fate, and certainly doesn’t want something serious. She’s not ready to become one of her baggy-eyed friends who all have two or more kids and one or less husband.

So Cooper challenges her to a month of “marriage”—live with Cooper in his new place and he’ll prove that family, relationships, and even marriage can be just as thriving as the single life. Maya accepts the challenge, knowing she’s in the right, and at least she’ll have a great story to share when she is ready to settle down. But Cooper’s heart has made him more determined than ever to show Maya what they could be; he just has to convince her that he’s more than the fun experiment of her thirtieth year.

Broken Records
(Hopeful Spring release)
Written with Tessa Marie
We’re pairing up again, but we’ll be delivering a New Adult this time. I’ll keep you as updated as possible on it because once it happens, it’ll happen fast.
sneak peek.jpg

(Full cover to be shown closer to release)

Wicked Girl

(Hopeful Fall release)

Written as Becca Ann

This one is not my normal YA rom com. It will have humor, will have romance, but it will also have its psychological thrills 😉

Snow (not official title)
(Release TBA)
Written with a Super Secret Collaborator
This one is still in the outline stage, but both me and my collaborator are excited about it and I expect its release in the 2016 year. It will be a YA contemporary retelling of Snow White. It will be geeky and fun and it is a present from us to our fans. I can’t say much more, but I promise, BE EXCITED 😉 YES SHOUTY CAPS ARE APPLICABLE!
My 2017 year is also booked up already, as well as most of my 2018 year. I really hope you aren’t sick of me 😉
Love all of you and thank you so much for the support you’ve shown me, especially in 2015. I don’t think I’m alone in saying that it’s been a year full of lessons. I hope that it’s just humbling the crap out of us before something amazing happens 🙂
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